The Five Secrets of a Sales Coach

Professional B2B Sales Frameworks

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About the book

Coaching is the activity that has the greatest impact on individual performance in a team setting, and that's especially true in sales. A sales coach observes performance, looks for gaps, and works to rapidly make an individual better. We have coached Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, Box and the highest performing teams on the planet. Coaching can transform sales reps at any level. We wrote this book as a management parable to allow us to most practically present the proven C.O.A.C.H. framework in a way that can be applied immediately without complexity.

You’ll Learn How to Identify the Challenge

You can’t coach everything.  How do you go about identifying which specific things are going to have a measurable impact on the individual and the business?  What type of challenge are you dealing with and how do you address it?

You’ll Learn the How to Create a Coaching Culture

The coaching relationship is based upon trust. That trust is built by observing 5 specific drivers of human behavior. Master those drivers and your sales culture will evolve.

You’ll Learn Why Most Coaching Fails

The fact is that few sales managers consistently allocate time for coaching because of the scarce results they see for their efforts. Once you understand why - you and your sales reps will renew your commitment to brief, impactful coaching conversations.


Meet the Authors

Cory Bray

Cory has built high-performing sales teams in industries that range from manufacturing to technology. He knows what works in practice, not just in theory. He’s a high-value advisor to multiple accelerators, bestselling author, and a dynamic keynote speaker who has spoken all over the world. He thrives on process and making sales accessible, actionable, and scalable to help companies grow.

Hilmon Sorey

Hilmon’s 20-year track record of sales impact ranges from hundreds of startups to companies like Salesforce, Box, and SurveyMonkey. He is trusted by the fastest-growing companies in the world and is recognized worldwide as a bestselling author, as well as an award-winning speaker and trainer. He's passionate about growing individuals, and teams to create successful companies .

Here's what you'll find inside:

  1. The First Framework: S.C.A.L.E.
  2. The First Secret: C is for Challenge
  3. The Second Secret: O is for Outline
  4. The Third Secret: A is for Action
  5. The Fourth Secret: C is for Consequences
  6. The Fifth Secret: H is for Hold accountable

...and MUCH MORE!