46 Reasons Why Your Cold Calls Fail

Professional B2B Sales Frameworks

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About the book

In 46 Reasons Why Your Cold Calls Fail, sales veterans Cory Bray and Hilmon Sorey tackle the dreaded cold call from the vantage point of having made and listened to hundreds of thousands over the years. Everyone in sales has read a book on cold calling at some point in their lives. Anyone in a B2B role knows "how" to do it. What most people don't know are the secrets to how to do it effectively. If you're banging your head against the wall with the latest guru's webinar advice, or tips and tricks online. It's time to take the professional approach and learn what the fastest growing companies in the world already know - it's NOT just a numbers game.

FAIL #3 You Don't Build and Measure Rapport

If you're "smiling and dialing", talking about working from home, referencing some personal factoid from a prospects LinkedIn profile and you think you're establishing rapport... your are mistaken. The more you do what everyone else does - the less trust you establish. So what are the top salespeople doing? They are using 5 SPECIFIC DRIVERS to create trust and impact cold calling success.

FAIL #15 You Don't Understand Resistance

For most sellers "handling objections" is something they spend a lot of time in preparation.  In reality it doesn't do much good. The salesperson ends up spending their day trying to convince, cajole, or confuse a prospect into taking the next step. It doesn't serve the rest of the process and it's a poor way to make a living.  Learn the easy way to effectively, honestly, and consistently manage the resistance you get from prospects. You'll never search for another objection handling response again.

FAIL #27 Prospects No-Show Your Next Meeting

Many cold callers get paid not based upon the number of meetings scheduled, but rather the number of meetings held. That means prospects have to actually show up. Tricks like getting commitment and asking a prospect to accept an invite while on the call help a bit, but ultimately no one wants to chase and chastise a prospect into showing up for a meeting. Learn how to get prospects to show up because they have a compelling reason to do so.


Meet the Authors

Cory Bray

Cory has built high-performing sales teams in industries that range from manufacturing to technology. He knows what works in practice, not just in theory. He’s a high-value advisor to multiple accelerators, bestselling author, and a dynamic keynote speaker who has spoken all over the world. He thrives on process and making sales accessible, actionable, and scalable to help companies grow.

Hilmon Sorey

Hilmon’s 20-year track record of sales impact ranges from hundreds of startups to companies like Salesforce, Box, and SurveyMonkey. He is trusted by the fastest-growing companies in the world and is recognized worldwide as a bestselling author, as well as an award-winning speaker and trainer. He's passionate about growing individuals, and teams to create successful companies .