Sales Development

Professional B2B Sales Frameworks

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About the book

Sales development is the entry point to a fast track career in sales. It requires a "certain set of skills," a commitment to activity, a knowledge foundation upon which to grow, and a repeatable process to beat the pack. Industry veterans Cory Bray and Hilmon Sorey have worked with individuals and teams to distill the key elements needed to succeed in this role and beyond. If you're exploring the role, in the role, or managing the role - these 21 chapters are all you need to succeed!

You'll learn how to Work with Account Executives

The goal for an SDR is to keep Account Executive calendars full! But that's not all. The best sales organizations create a strong partnership between these two roles that creates a better buying experience through seamless handoff, ensures that there is velocity in the pipeline by qualifying effectively, and develops repeatability with continuous improvement. Learn how it's done.

You'll learn about the 7 Core SDR Skills

Unfortunately a lot of SDRs are hired into a company, provided a couple weeks of product and tech stack training and then funneled a bunch of lists to. reach out to without much further instruction. This is a frustrating position to be in, made more so by the number of SDRs who are now working remotely. There are 7 core skills you need to develop, which will make you a superstar.  We teach you how in this book.

You'll learn about Career Path options and how to get there

The role of the the SDR is a fast-paced, incredibly interesting job! But not a lot of people want to be one forever. Learn how to position yourself for the next step: Team Lead? Frontline Management? Account Executive? First Sales Hire at a startup? Customer Success?  The sky is the limit, but you've got to grow some wings. It's all here.


Meet the Authors

Cory Bray

Cory has built high-performing sales teams in industries that range from manufacturing to technology. He knows what works in practice, not just in theory. He’s a high-value advisor to multiple accelerators, bestselling author, and a dynamic keynote speaker who has spoken all over the world. He thrives on process and making sales accessible, actionable, and scalable to help companies grow.

Hilmon Sorey

Hilmon’s 20-year track record of sales impact ranges from hundreds of startups to companies like Salesforce, Box, and SurveyMonkey. He is trusted by the fastest-growing companies in the world and is recognized worldwide as a bestselling author, as well as an award-winning speaker and trainer. He's passionate about growing individuals, and teams to create successful companies .

Here's what you'll find inside:

  1. Getting the Job
  2. Sales Strategy
  3. The Buyer
  4. The Market
  5. Your Product
  6. Working with Account Executives
  7. E-mail
  8. Phone
  9. Social Media
  10. Other Prospecting Tactics
  11. Objection Handling
  12. Tools
  13. Time Management
  14. Core SDR Skills
  15. General Skills
  16. Working with Other Departments
  17. What Does My Manager Do?
  18. Mentors and Thought Leaders
  19. Career Path
  20. Figure it Out!

...and MUCH MORE!